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The Australian outsourced back-office market is dominated by single, small 1-3 person paraplanning and consulting businesses, each that operate in their small niche. We are a team of over 27 paraplanners which mean we have dedicated relationship managers who you have direct contact with. Align your business with an outsourced service provider that has scale and resources to invest in ever improving processes and technology. 

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We price SoA’s based on Advice Areas

To Note, Scale Up Paraplanning consider multiple strategies under each Advice area as one ‘area’ of financial planning when classifying the complexity of the deliverable. For example:

1. A SoA with super rollover, salary sacrifice and NCC is considered a ‘Super’ SoA with a low rating as these all fall within the area of superannuation.

2. A SoA with super rollover, salary sacrifice and NCC, Life and TPD and Income Protection recommendations is considered a ‘Super & Insurance’ SoA with a medium rating as this fall within the area of superannuation and insurance.

3. A couple SoA will form one additional Advice area. For example, a couple superannuation SoA will be deemed as 2 Advice areas and hence classified with a medium rating.