Maximise Your Impact: Embrace AI Innovations with Our SoA & AI Masterclass

Go from Digital Zero to AI Hero and gain hours of productivity back within your day with up-to-date demonstrations and walkthroughs on leveraging AI tools within your paraplanning role.



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What Do You Get From This Course?

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Learn To Apply AI In Paraplaning
Understand the principles of AI and how to use AI tools to gain an edge over others.
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The First AI Course For Paraplanners
Learn about AI basics, tools and strategies, and watch walkthroughs on how specific AI tools can make you more efficient in producing advice documentation and research.
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Taught By Proven Professionals

In a rapidly changing paraplanning profession, you need to be investing in your upskilling and add to your domain expertise. Our combined 23 years of industry experience across paraplanning, technology and coding has meant we are able to deliver to specific learning objectives for paraplanners.

Hear From Course Takers

People who have ascended to new heights with their level of AI kowledge. Implementing it in their roles!

Angelica Devera
Senior Paraplanner

Taking the SOA and AI course changed the way I looked at my paraplanning role. I feel like I took a giant step towards understanding how to leverage AI tools and best practices, which helped me cut hours out of my daily work. The course was focused and efficient, particularly around the prompts I need to be using and how to construct them myself. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to boost their efficiency and productivity.

Sapna Ariyaratne
Financial Adviser

With the knowledge gained from the course, I learned how to utilise AI to automate BID papers and leverage Word to its full capabilities which has significantly decreased the amount of time I spend creating SOA’s. The video walkthroughs were a great visual way of learning and helpful in understanding the practical implementation of AI tools. The course taught me how to prompt AI correctly, which is something I feel everyone is going to have to have an understanding of in time. It’s a must for anyone looking to understand AI in financial planning.

Andrew Langton
Paraplanning Manager

The SOA and AI course exceeded my expectations. Not only did I gain a deep understanding of AI language models and their applications, but I also learned how to leverage AI to enhance the quality and efficiency of my SoA documents. The insights were invaluable and I can’t wait to see what courses they bring out next.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, each topic will be taught from the ground up and requires no prior knowledge.
Three days of focused learning, but you can always break it down to smaller segments and study when you have the time.

A team of paraplanning experts have composed this course based on current day tactics and their real-world professional experience. We continually add more courses to cover every role within a business, so you know you will be at the forefront of AI changes.

You will learn how quickly AI will take over and what parts of your role/business you can leverage AI in. These AI tools can easily boost your productivity and automate processes considerably; from collecting research to building out SoA’s and post SoA edit in Word. It will change your entire back-office from a business perspective.

We offer our courses as a one-off fee so you can pick and choose which course you would like to take an upskill in. 

Level Up Your Financial Planning with AI

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