what you will learn

Microsoft Word and ChatGPT

Transform Your Skills with Cutting-Edge Technologies

This Masterclass enhances your writing skills with Microsoft Word and ChatGPT. Whether you’re a financial planner or seeking self-improvement, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of leveraging these tools for maximum impact. With three modules, you’ll learn from basic formatting techniques to advanced AI-powered language generation, creating compelling content in any context.

Microsoft Excel and ChatGPT

Learn to harness the power of Microsoft Excel with advanced AI techniques using ChatGPT

In this masterclass, learn to combine Microsoft Excel with ChatGPT’s AI technology. From basic navigation to advanced NLP data analysis, automate tedious tasks and gain valuable insights. With practical skills gained, you’ll be ready to apply your newfound knowledge to your personal and professional life.


How to use ChatGPT to optimise your Statement of Advice in Microsoft Word

Enhance financial advice in Microsoft Word using ChatGPT. Learn to fine-tune SoA language, structure, and compliance, including ChatGPT’s capabilities, formatting, language optimization, and engagement.


  • Duration: 4 Months
  • Format: Online Lessons Released Weekly
  • Content: Advanced Techniques and AI Integration for Financial Planners, Paraplanners, and CSOs
  • Cost: $25 per Month