a true extension of your business that can be scaled with you.

Our paraplanners are some of the leading experts in our industry. We have mastered the use of XPLAN, Midwinter and Intelliflo and have developed processes and workflows that best fit in with your business.

It’s time you partnered with a leading, innovative paraplanning team.

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process and workflow Automation

Client Case Study
Achieving Up To 60% Process and Workflow Automation

How we achieved automation of between 39%-60% for a licensees firms, established a 100% clear audit trail for all tasks and stages, and achieved real-time tracking of clients across their workflow stages.

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We run your back office for you. Proven processes and workflows, tied in with the right tech to drive a scalable and cost effective solution tailored to you.

Our team incorporates some of Australia’s most experienced financial services innovators and technical experts. The success of financial advice firms is being determined by their back-office costs and efficiencies. We help our clients solve capacity and revenue constraints and achieve this through a combination of technology and technical expertise to deliver a high-value, low-cost outcome for the business. We can run your entire back-office processes, giving you back your time and paving your path to higher proftability.

artificial intelligence

Are you interested in exploring artificial intelligence?

Over the course of 8 weeks, we researched numerous AI tools that could be used in financial planning. We tested the full capabilities of each from the perspective of a financial planning practice, with a large focus on tools that allow you to automate your business processes, optimise your workflow, and enable you to create effective strategies.

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Values we live by



Leading technical experts and a robust quality control process.



Keeping you informed with dedicated relationship managers.


client focus

Customised solutions that work for you.



Implementing the right technology, processes and workflows to drive profitability within your business.

Our team of experts

With years of proven experience, our team is prepared to help you achieve your biggest business goals.

collectively 120+ years of experience

Scale Up are experts in the use of XPLAN, Midwinter and Intelliflo. All paraplanners have at least 4 years’ experience with the majority being career paraplanners. We are happy to communicate with your adviser network over any form of communication.

truly partnered together

Scale Up have worked with all types of licensees, from running transitional programs completing 550 SoA’s over 8 weeks, all the way to working with smaller licensees who outsource 1 SoA a week. Our aim – to offer a high-touch service, exceeding quality and turnaround times.

our Clients trust us


The SOA’s created have been high quality, & there is a clear understanding of what is required for advice businesses to deliver under the new advice framework. I would highly recommend the services of Alex & his team.

Operations Manager

“I strongly recommend Scale Up Paraplanning and feel that they would be able to meet any quality or turnaround time requirements.

National Head of Financial Planning

“We happily receive feedback on our current process, template and XPLAN software wizard and this guidance from Scale Up Paraplanning has been very productive for our business operations.


ready to feel that you are ahead in your business again?

Within 4 weeks you will have solved your back-office problems.