Our background

Who are scale Up?

Scale Up Paraplanning is an Australian outsourced back-office service provider that also provides practical, sustainable, and innovative solutions via our Scale Up Practice Solutions team.

As a team, we are in a unique position to use our combined expertise to refine and improve every aspect of your CRM, technology, and business operations, which ultimately leads to a more consistent customer experience.

Our paraplanners are some of the leading experts in our industry. We have mastered the use of XPLAN, Midwinter and Intelliflo and have developed processes and workflows that best fit in with your business.

It’s time you partnered with a leading, innovative paraplanning and consulting team.


With over 27 paraplanners in the Scale Up network, we cater for both advisers looking for overflow support and larger licensees looking for dedicated paraplanners to work as a true extension of their business.

Why choose us

5 - 7 Business day turnaround time

We were one of the first outsourced paraplanning firms to champion this for our clients. We knew it was necessary to deliver value to your clients.

4+years experienced paraplanners, degree qualified

Our team incorporates some of Australia’s most experienced financial services innovators and technical experts.

high quality Soas

Expertly produced with a robust peer review program.

Safe and Secure

Independently audited data security policy and procedures.



Katie is an experienced professional in the financial planning industry, with a career spanning several roles, beginning as a paraplanner in 2015. Through her work in overseeing numerous business areas, she gained insight into aligning paraplanning duties with a client’s ongoing journey with their adviser. Katie then moved into leadership roles, ranging from advice production management through to full practice management, allowing her to gain a broader perspective on business operations and their interrelationships.

Katie understands the challenges that the financial planning industry faces, such as ever-increasing compliance requirements and limited time, which can negatively impact processes. She knows from experience how this inefficiency can be limiting for businesses. As part of the Scale Up team, she leverages her expertise and collaborates with financial planning practices to refine and improve their CRM, technology, and business operations, helping financial planning teams to provide a consistent and streamlined customer experience for their clients.

Katie, Head of Client Engagement & Back-Office Solutions

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