Connect with us: Podcasts, Partners & Collaborations

With deep industry knowledge behind us, we understand the importance of looking ahead and identifying trends that could impact the financial planning sector.

Leveraging our expertise, we keep a pulse on emerging technologies and innovations that may transform the industry’s future. This forward-thinking approach gives us a unique ‘engine room’ perspective on how these trends may affect financial planning businesses at the ground level.

We’re often invited to share these frontline insights on popular podcasts and through diverse collaborations. Hear us discuss the real-world implications of disruption and opportunity shaping our industry’s tomorrow.


NextGen Planners Tech Stack Show

Scale Up joined Adam Carolan on UK’s NextGen Planners Tech Stack Show. We explore the early practical uses of Microsoft Copilot and how paraplanning could evolve.

NextGen Planners podcast

Our General Manager, Alex, joined Francois Du Toit to discuss the evolution of AI and the opportunities it holds for hyper-personalised financial advice, and a glimpse into the future of financial planning. Take a listen!

ensombl AdviceTech Podcast

We joined Peita Diamantidis on the AdviceTech podcast to explore how to transform workflows using familiar yet underutilised tools – Word and Excel. 

Re-acquaint yourself with the classics before diving into Copilot.

KBI Media KBKast

Alex sat down with Karissa Breen from KBI.Media to talk about best practice around data privacy and data security. 


NextGen Planners TechStack LIVE 

NextGen Planners held their very first virtual summit in March 2024 and we were lucky enough to take part.

Scale Up joined Adam Carolan on a panel chat to discuss all things AI and financial planning.

Visit the NextGen Planners website for more information.

Midwinter Paraplanning Partners Program

Connecting Midwinter’s clients with a network of highly skilled paraplanning professionals trained in and using the Midwinter software, enabling seamless collaboration and efficient delivery of paraplanning and administrative services.


Though we’re invited often, we prioritise partnerships where we can contribute meaningfully.

For that reason, we’re selective about podcast, webinar, business, and organisational collaborations, seeking shared values and vision.

If you believe our experience could provide real value for you and your target audience, we welcome you to reach out.