AI: In The Know – Week 3: ChatSonic

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Welcome to the third of this 8-week special edition report where we’re going to cover some useful AI tools you can use in your financial planning practice. 

In light of the widespread adoption of hybrid work arrangements by a significant proportion of businesses, it has become necessary to reassess our approaches to communication, collaboration, and workflow management. This report seeks to present alternative solutions to conventional methods for managing your business. This week we looked at ChatSonic.

By now most of us have either used ChatGPT or have heard the name floating around. If you’ve used it, you know by now that it has limitations because it’s trained to generate results up to a certain point in time. Nonetheless, its capabilities are powerful enough to shave off significant time on tasks that might otherwise have been cumbersome. If you like the capabilities of ChatGPT but steer away because of its limitations, it’s time you had a look at ChatSonic instead.

Broadly speaking, ChatSonic is an advanced AI writing assistant developed by Writesonic, and trained and powered by Google, to help businesses and writers create high-quality content quickly and efficiently.

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