ChatGPT: The Best and the Worst of the Third-Party Plugins

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ChatGPT: The Best and Worst of Third-Party Plugins

In the world of ChatGPT, there’s always something new. When we last touched on ChatGPT, GPT-4 had just been unveiled, and we approached it with an even mix of enthusiasm and trepidation. Fast-forward a few months, and this tool has pulled another rabbit out of its hat, introducing a ‘marketplace’ of plugins designed to supercharge your ChatGPT experience.

Every day, a plethora of AI tools are launched into the digital cosmos, and we miss about 95% of these. Why? Well, ChatGPT continues to hog the limelight like a seasoned superstar. With its widespread recognition, it has become somewhat of a household name. Consequently, we tend to assume that any new iterations of this product, including its plugins, can be trusted and relied upon, much like we trust Google to generate search results.

I had anticipated that the plugins within the tool would be a carefully curated and diverse set of add-ons, designed to complement its capabilities and enhance its effectiveness. As of today, there are 693 plugins available in the store. From big names like Expedia to a diverse array of offerings, including PDF readers and tarot readers, there seems to be something for everyone. It’s like a bustling digital bazaar.

Now, let’s jump into the hits and misses within this marketplace, hopefully saving you some time and effort… 

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